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Political systems, labour market parties and regulation

Research area 1

The Danish model increasingly functions within one or more systems of multi-level regulation, which entailes a series of challenges. These challenges can be summarised as: ensuring the continuation of union organisation; a tendency towards politicisation; the continued decentralisation towards the company level; the internationalisation of regulation; and sporadic demands for more general regulation that covers more groups on the labour market. At FAOS some of these challenges has been analysed in previous research, but new dimensions have been added in recent years.

At international level, the Danish model has been influenced by a number of factors pertinent to this area of research. This includes both legally binding and non-binding forms of European regulation, as well as the migration of labour. At the national level the key factors will be the regular re-negotiation of collective-bargaining agreements, the Danish model in general and its interaction with the political- and administrative system. This interaction will also be relevant at local level, but in this case the 'company-based agreement system' is being brought into focus.

Research Area 1 is divided into five project themes. See the individual projects within each of these project themes: 

Cross-disciplinary projects: