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National and sectoral regulation

Research area 1

A main objective of the research within this area is to monitor and analyse development in collective bargaining rounds within the private and public sectors in terms of processes, outcomes and their overall effect. In addition, the Danish collective bargaining system will be analysed in both a historical and an international comparative context. Furthermore, the research area deals with the regulation of the collective dispute resolution system, labour law, legislation affecting the regulation of employment relations (laws concerning holidays, maternity leave etc.) and public policies that affect the labour market, especially employment and further training policies.

Within this research area, we have formulated five issues that focus on, respectively, the private bargaining system, the public bargaining system and the national regulation in between and surrounding each. We also have one topic for accompanying research:

  • The bargaining system and market integration
  • The Danish out-of-court dispute resolution system 
  • The Danish model version 2 
  • Tripartite cooperation after the breakdown of the tripartite negotiations in 2012 
  • The labour market of salaried employees
  • Accompanying research: Private and public collective bargaining

These issues will be addressed in the following projects: