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  • Changes in the public sector before and after the financial crisis


    The report includes the Danish findings from a comparative project, which analyses how social dialogue in the public sector has changed during the past 15 years, how the dialogue has impacted on reforms and how the reforms have impacted on the quantity and quality of jobs and on public services. »

  • Digitalization of work and digital platforms in Denmark


    Half of the Danes use computers or other digital devices extensively at work, while 20 percent uses computerized machines. Digital labour and capital platforms are sources of income for more than 100.000 Danes. These are the results from a large-scale survey on digitization of the danish labour market conducted by researchers from the Employment Relations Research Centre (FAOS), University of Copenhagen. »

  • Living hours under pressure: flexibility loopholes in the Danish IR-model


    This analysis by Anna Ilsøe, Trine Pernille Larsen, Jonas Felbo-Kolding shows that the de facto hourly wages have increased in industrial cleaning, retail, hotels and restaurants since the global financial crisis. The majority of workers in all three sectors work part-time. Marginal part-timers – 15 hours or less per week – make up the largest group of workers. »

  • Social Customs and Trade Union Membership: A Multi-Level Analysis of Workplace Union Density Using Micro-Data


    Together with their colleague Daniel Sparwath Jensen, Associate Professor Christian Lyhne and Research Assistant Jonas Toubøl from FAOS has contributed to the European Sociological Review with their article 'Social Customs and Trade Union Membership: A Multi-Level Analysis of Workplace Union Density Using Micro-Data'. »

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Teaching and events

  • 15 Sep 2017

    Visiting Scholar at Harvard

    Associate Professor Christian Lyhne Ibsen from FAOS is joining Harvard as a Visiting Scholar in September. Until end of December he will join Center of European Studies (CES) at Harvard. ... »

  • 21 Aug - 25 Aug 2017

    Copenhagen Summer University

    FAOS takes part of the Copenhagen Summer University for the fifth time this year. The course is specifically made for employees with practical experience from the labour market. ... »

  • 10 Mar - 31 Mar 2017

    Research visitor from FAFO, Norway

    The next three weeks, FAOS has the pleasure of hosting dr. philos Jon Erik Dølvik from the Norwegian research center FAFO. ... »

  • 2 Dec 2016

    FAOS-researcher visits Harvard University

    On December 2nd, FAOS-researcher Anna Ilsøe is attending the seminar "The Politics of Work and Welfare in the Platform Economy" at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, University of Harvard. ... »

  • 4 Oct 2016

    FAOS-researcher visits the University of Amsterdam

    From October 3rd through 14th, researcher at FAOS Søren Kaj Andersen will visit the University of Amsterdam. In this occasion, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies, AIAS, has invited Søren Kaj Andersen to present his research at a lunch seminar on October 6th. ... »

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