Skills for the Future? A Life Cycle Perspective on Systems of Vocational Education and Training
Amanda Chuan and Christian Lyhne Ibsen
Article in ILR Review
June 2021

Multiple jobholding in the digital platform economy: signs of segmentation
Anna Ilsøe, Trine P. Larsen og Emma S. Bach
Article in Transfer: European review of Labour and Research
February 2021

Non-standard work in the Nordics: troubled waters under the still surface
Anna Ilsøe og Trine P. Larsen (ed.)
Report published by Nordic Council of Ministers
February 2021

When inclusive measures exposes cracks: the Nordic social Protection in times of crisis
Trine P. Larsen og Anna Ilsøe
Blog in Journal of European Social Policy
February 2021

Social Democratic Trade Unions in the Knowledge Economy: Challenges, Pathways and Dilemmas
Christian Lyhne Ibsen
Article in Comparative Social Research, Vol. 35.
Published by Emerald Publishing Limited
January 2021

Understanding the dynamics of inequity in collective bargaining: evidence from Australia, Canada, Denmark and France
Ruth Barton, Élodie Béthoux, Camille Dupuy,  Anna Ilsøe, Patrice Jalette, Mélanie Laroche, Steen Erik Navrbjerg, Trine Pernille Larsen
Article in Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research
January 2021

The EU’s work-life balance directive: A lost opportunity for the UK in gender equality?
Caroline de la Porte, Trine P. Larsen og Dorota Szelewa
Chapter in the book ’Whither Social Rights in (Post-) Brexit Europe?’, redigeret af Matthew Donoghue and Mikko Kuisma
Published by Social Europe Publishing and the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung
December 2020

Digital Transformations of Traditional Work in the Nordic Countries
Bertil Rolandsson, Trine P. Larsen, Anna Ilsøe m.fl.
Report published by Nordic Council of Ministers
November 2020

Commission entrepreneurship and EU employment policy – The fate of a former darling
Mikkel Mailand
Article in European Journal of Industrial Relations
October 2020

The coronavirus crisis reveals blind spots in Nordic labour market data – A sociological perspective
Anna Ilsøe and Trine P. Larsen
Article in Acta Sociologica
October 2020

Corporatism since the Great Recession - Challenges to Tripartite Relations in Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria
Mikkel Mailand
Published by Edward Elgar
September 2020

Social partner responses in the Nordic platform economy
Anna Ilsøe, Kristin Jesnes and Marianne Hotvedt
Chapter in the report Platform work in the Nordic models 
Publiced by the Nordic Council of Ministers
May 2020

Collective agreements for platforms and workers – two cases from the Nordic countries
Anna Ilsøe and Kristin Jesnes 
Chapter in the report Platform work in the Nordic models 
Publiced by the Nordic Council of Ministers
May 2020

Digital platforms at work. Champagne or cocktail of risks?
Anna Ilsøe and Trine Pernille Larsen
Chapter in the anthology The Impact of the Sharing Economy on Business and Society 
Publiced by Routledge 
May 2020

The work-life balance directive: Towards a gender equalizing EU regulatory welfare state? 
Trine P. Larsen
Article in The Reassertion of the Regulatory Welfare State' i Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
May 2020

Moving In and Out of the Shadow of European Case Law: the Dynamics of Public Procurement in the Post‐Post‐Rüffert Era
Trine P. Larsen
Article in the Journal of Common Market Studies
May 2020

The Hilfr agreement - negotiating the platform economy in Denmark
Anna Ilsøe
FAOS report
March 2020

Working under pressure: employment, job quality and labour relations in Europe’s public sector since the crisis
Edited by Maarten Keune, Nuria Elena Ramos Martìn and Mikkel Mailand
Anthology published by European Trade Union Institute
March 2020

Personal Household Service Quality project
Mikkel Mailand and Trine P. Larsen
FAOS report
January 2020

Posted Work in the European Union - The Political Economy of Free Movement
Edited by Jens Arnholtz og Nathan Lillie
Anthology published by Ruthledge
November 2019

Good intentions meet harsh realities: Social dialogue and precarious work in industrial cleaning
Trine P Larsen , Mikkel Mailand and Thorsten Schulten
Article in Economic and Industrial Democracy
October 2019

Part-time work in Danish private services: a (mis)match between wage flexibility and living hours
rine P. Larsen, Anna Ilsøe and Jonas Felbo-Kolding
Chapter in the book "Dualisation of Part-Time Work - The Development of Labour Market Insiders and Outsiders"
June 2019

The future of work in the Nordic Countries
Anna Ilsøe & Trine P. Larsen in collaboration with Nordic research colleagues
Policy briefs 
March 2019

Active Enactment and Virtuous Circles of Employment Relations: How Danish Unions Organised the Transnationalised Copenhagen Metro Construction Project
Jens Arnholtz and Bjarke Refslund
Article in Work, Employment and Society
March 2019

Expats and the firms they work in
Mette Foged, Nana W. Hansen and Natnael S. Nigatu
FAOS report
February 2019

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