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  • Dealing with austerity and migration in the northern European cleaning sector


    In a new article Trine P. Larsen, Sissel Trygstad and Kristine Nergaard compares the employers’ role in collective wage regulation in industrial cleaning in Denmark, Germany, Norway and the UK.  »

  • Collective wage bargaining under strain in northern European construction


    In a new article Jens Arnholtz, Guglielmo Meardi and Johannes Oldervoll shows how internationalization, trade union decline, enforcement problems and rising self-employment all strain the effectiveness of collective wage bargaining arrangements in northern European construction. »

  • Voluntarist regulation of the digital economy


    In this article lecturer Anna Ilsøe argues that digital development in the labor market can lead to changes in the Danish collective bargaining model. »

  • Immigrant labour market integration


    Labour market integration is one of the major challenges facing Western European states today, not least because of the increasing migration flows coming from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and countries outside the EU. In his Ph.D. dissertation 'Labour Market Integration – On the multiple dimensions of immigrant labour market integration’ Jonas Felbo-Kolding has analysed the labour market integration of CEE immigrants in Denmark »

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Teaching and events

  • 15 Sep 2017

    Visiting Scholar at Harvard

    Associate Professor Christian Lyhne Ibsen from FAOS is joining Harvard as a Visiting Scholar in September. Until end of December he will join Center of European Studies (CES) at Harvard. ... »

  • 21 Aug - 25 Aug 2017

    Copenhagen Summer University

    FAOS takes part of the Copenhagen Summer University for the fifth time this year. The course is specifically made for employees with practical experience from the labour market. ... »

  • 10 Mar - 31 Mar 2017

    Research visitor from FAFO, Norway

    The next three weeks, FAOS has the pleasure of hosting dr. philos Jon Erik Dølvik from the Norwegian research center FAFO. ... »

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