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FAOS-researcher visits Harvard University

On December 2nd, FAOS-researcher Anna Ilsøe is attending the seminar "The Politics of Work and Welfare in the Platform Economy" at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, University of Harvard.

The meeting has been organized by Peter Hall, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Kathleen Thelen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

 “This program explores the politics of work and welfare in the platform economy with a view to advancing understanding of it and to enriching approaches to the comparative political economy of the developed democracies. The platform economy refers to the growing proportion of people employed on a specific task for a defined time, as compared to those holding a regular job with a long-term connection as a regular employee of a company. It is closely linked to the rise of business models that create value, not by producing goods or services, but by enabling producers and consumers to interact directly through electronic media. We explore why the reception given this development varies dramatically across countries, how the shape of existing policy regimes, notably in the realms of social policy and labor-market regulation, conditions the ensuing politics, and the new challenges that the platform economy poses for those policy regimes and the well-being of workers in each country. The goal of the exploratory seminar is to provide new approaches to the problem of understanding how political economies change and to offer new ways to integrate the study of public law and public administration into the analyses of comparative political economy.”