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Research visitor from FAFO, Norway

The next three weeks, FAOS has the pleasure of hosting dr. philos Jon Erik Dølvik from the Norwegian research center FAFO.

The relationship between Jon Erik Dølvik and FAOS dates back to the 1990s and has resulted in several research collaborations. "We call FAOS our Danish sister-institution" says Jon Erik Dølvik, who is doing research on many of the same themes as the researchers at FAOS.

Jon Erik Dølvik and his Nordic colleagues recently completed a project on the platform economy in the North. He is now working on a comparative project that investigates how the influx of cheap Eastern European labor affects employers’ use of apprentices.

Finally, Jon Erik Dølvik studies the development of the agreement systems in Northern European countries and how they have been affected by the crisis and major changes in the use of foreign labor. Jon Erik Dølvik has previously published the book European Social Models From Crisis to Crisis.

Read more about the book here

Jon Erik Dølvik will be at FAOS until the end of March.