24 August 2009

Mechanisms of Intra-European Labour Mobility and Incorporation

-The Case of Polish migrant labour in the Copenhagen Area 

Conference paper by Nana Wesley Hansen, Jens Arnholtz Hansen 

Since the enlargement of the EU in 2004 an unprecedented movement of labour has been witnessed within the EU going mainly from east to west. This paper uses the case of Polish labour on the Danish labour market to analyse mechanisms of intra-European mobility. The paper identifies evidence of segmentation, but at the same time argues that the effect of segmentation varies with sector specific differences. It thus suggests modifying classic dual labour market theory, with a more nuanced understanding of differences in the modes of incorporation in different sectors of a national labour market with regard to the new EU movers.

Conference paper for Ratio Colloquium 2009, Labour Markets at a Crossroad,
August 20-22, Stockholm.