12 January 2018

Expats and their firms

FAOS has initiated a cross-disciplinary research project focusing on highly skilled foreign professionals – expats – and their firms in collaboration with the Department of Economics. The purpose is to create knowledge about the role of private firms in relation to the mobility of highly skilled foreign labor.

The first part of the project examines why some firms are engaged in international recruitment and compares the tasks solved by expats and Danish professionals respectively. The second part of the project examines why some expats end up in small and medium sized companies. This part of the project also analyses recruitment channels and company characteristics over time.

The research is conducted by associate professor Nana Wesley Hansen, Department of Sociology/FAOS, assistant professor Mette Foged, Institute of Economics and PhD Student Natnael Simachew Nigatu, Department of Economics. The project is financed by the Ministry of Employment.