7 February 2017

Three new associate professors at FAOS

Nana Wesley Hansen, Christian Lyhne Ibsen and Jens Arnholtz are from the 1st of February employed as associate professors at FAOS. Each of them have written their PhD dissertation at FAOS and afterwards held the position as assistant professors at FAOS.

The primary fields of research of Nana Wesley Hansen is collective bargaining and cooperation in the public sector. Recently, she has engaged in research on the relationship between offshoring of jobs and mobility of high skilled employees in multinational companies within medico and the ICT business.

The primary fields of research of Christian Lyhne Ibsen is collective bargaining in the private sector and labour market organisations. His current research focuses on employment relations and political economy using an institutionalist, cross-national comparative perspective.

The primary fields of research of Jens Arnholtz is labour migration/foreign workers and the Laval case and posted workers. His current research focuses on foreign workers and companies in the Danish construction sector with a special emphasis on posted workers.