2017 – Københavns Universitet

Videnskabelige artikler 2017

’Living hours under pressure: flexibility loopholes in the Danish IR-model’
Anna Ilsøe, Trine Pernille Larsen og Jonas Felbo-Kolding, FAOS
Artikel i Employee Relations
September 2017

Social Customs and Trade Union Membership: A Multi-Level Analysis of Workplace Union Density Using Micro-Data
Christian Lyhne Ibsen, Jonas Toubøl og Daniel Sparwath Jensen, FAOS
Artikel i European Sociological Review
Juli 2017

Partnership under pressure: A process perspective on decentralized bargaining in Danish and Australian manufacturing 
Anna Ilsøe, FAOS, Andreas Pekarek & Ray Fells
Artikel i European Journal of Industrial Relations
Juni 2017

Government employers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway: The use of power to control wage and employment conditions
Nana Wesley Hansen, FAOS og Åsmund Arup Seip, Fafo
Artikel i European Journal of Industrial Relations
Maj 2017

The digitalisation of service work – social partner responses in Denmark, Sweden and Germany
Anna Ilsøe, FAOS
Artikel i Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research
April 2017

The role of physical space in labour–management cooperation: A microsociological study in Danish retail
Anna Ilsøe & Jonas Felbo-Kolding, FAOS
Artikel i Economic and Industrial Democracy
April 2017

Trade union revitalisation: Where are we now? Where to next?
Christian Lyhne Ibsen, FAOS, & Maite Tapia
Artikel i Journal of Industrial Relations
Februar 2017

The European Refugee Crisis and the Reaction of Labour Market Actors: The Case of Denmark
Mikkel Mailand, FAOS
Artikel i Global Labour Journal, vol. 8, nr. 1
Januar 2017