Papers and photos

The papers presented at the IIRA European Congress held in Copenhagen 28 June-1 July 2010 are now available online. See also some photos from the congress below. 

The theme for the IIRA 2010 was 'European Employment Relations - Crises and Visions'. Throughout Europe, the financial crisis has had severe impact on national labour markets. Growing unemployment and downward pressure on wages have marked an abrupt end to the economic boom. Still, the effects of the crisis vary across borders, sectors and industries. So do the responses to the crisis: from conflict with, and criticism of, capital-owners to new forms of dialogue and agreements. Climate change is a crisis emphasising the need for greener technologies, which might lead to both job destruction as well as creation of new jobs.

The current economic crisis coincides with a wide range of other changes that challenge employment relations in Europe and emphasise the calls for a balance between flexibility and security in employment regulation. Especially challenging is the move from a manufacturing to service economy, the rise of multinational companies, and the ageing of the population together with EU enlargement. But also increases in precarious work alongside growing labour migration put European countries to the test.

The papers from the four tracks can be downloaded from below. You can also download a list of all track papers (an overview) as well as the papers from each symposium.

See also the photos from the congress