Christina Jayne Colclough

Expert in the future of work and the politics of digital technology

The Why Not Lab


Christina was employed at FAOs from 2001 to the end of 2007 where she was research coordinator on two projects before beginning her PhD. Since Christina has been General Secretary for  NFU - the Nordic Financial Unions - before taking up her position as Head of EU Affairs for UNI Europa. From there she moved to UNI Global Union where she became the global lead on UNIs future of work policies, strategies and activities. She is now a consultant for a number of trade unions and governments.

Areas of speciality

Christina became one of the trade union movement's absolute experts on how digital technologies are affecting worker and workers, workers' rights, industrial relations and how necessary adaptations to collective agreements must occur to include workers' data rights and the co-governance of autonomous/semi-autonomous systems. With over 100 speeches and workshops across the world the past 4 years and her participation in expert groups at the OECD, ILO, PAI and IEEE, Christina has achieved a strong voice and influence over the many discussions on the future of work.

Research areas

Christina has been leading a participatory action research Lab,  the Young Workers Lab, aimed at answering how digital technologies can be used by young workers and unions to improve young workers’ job quality and voice in the digital world of work? As part of this project, her team developed WeClock, an app aimed to give work a reality check through privacy preserving mechanisms. Christina has authored the global union movement's first manifesto on workers' data rights and the ethics of artificial intelligence. Her continued focus is on the regulation of digital technologies so they serve the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, strengthen human rights and the fundamental rights of workers, and on the necessary adaptations of IR systems and social security systems across the world.