Project theme 6

Business value chains and changed labour relations

Danish companies are increasingly part of international value chains, and changes in these value chains are of central importance to labour market relations in the Danish labour market. Some of the companies that were previously relatively high in the value chains are now coming under pressure and have to renegotiate terms of employment with their employees. Other companies that are better able to manage their value chain and that gain from internationalization can better accommodate their core employees. This development challenges not only companies and their employees, but also the trade unions and employers’ organizations, because international change affects national industrial relations. For this project theme, FAOS focuses on issues such as the following:

  • what drives change in the value chains and how does it affect the labour market relations in the industries that are changing?
  • what are the challenges of changing value chains for trade unions and employers’ organizations?
  • how do the Danish model and changes in value chains interact and influence each other?