Project theme 7

Labour migrants: recruitment, qualifications and integration

For more than a decade, foreign labour has played an increasingly important role in the Danish labour market. However, it is questionable whether Danish companies will be able to recruit, retain and integrate foreign labour when European competition for labour is intensified. Furthermore, some studies raise the questions of whether foreign workers have the right competencies, and whether Danish companies are able to utilize the competencies of foreign workers. Finally, there is ongoing discussion about whether foreign workers receive wages and conditions in accordance with the collective agreements – a discussion fuelled by a relatively constant flow of social dumping cases. This discussion opens up another question: whether the social partners can find solutions to these challenges, or whether labour migration will remain an area of conflict, complicating the renewal of collective agreements.

  • Recruitment and retention: When does integration succeed?
  • Foreign labour and education: Does it work?
  • Social dumping: Common solutions or new challenges?