Mark Friis Hau

Mark Friis Hau


Current research

My research deals with the relationship between members, unions, and grassroots at the membership level, especially on social media. I focus on how union activists carry out and experience their professional and political engagement in different networks and the organizational dynamics that arise from this. I also work with the role that social media plays in organization and mobilization among union activists and in trade unions.

I am particularly interested in the combination of digital methods with more traditional qualitative methods such as participant observation and ethnographic interviews. My research focuses, among other things, on the importance of social ties for political participation, individual experiences of (union) activism, ethics, and political commitment, as well as the interplay between union organizations and their grassroots.

Mark Friis Hau is part of the research group Knowledge, Organization and Politics at the Department of Sociology.

ID: 185925893