16. marts 2014

Nordic labour market institutions and new migrant workers: Polish migrants in Oslo, Copenhagen and Reykjavik

Artikel af Jon H. Friberg (Fafo), Jens Arnholtz, Line Eldring (Fafo), Nana Wesley Hansen og Frida Thorarins (MIRRA)

Large-scale migration of workers from new EU member states to the Nordic countries, mostly to fill relatively low-skilled jobs in construction, manufacturing and services, has raised concerns of low-wage competition and the ability of the Nordic social model to uphold labour standards. This article explores variations in wages and working conditions among Polish migrant workers in Oslo, Copenhagen and Reykjavik. The analysis highlights how different institutional configurations within the Nordic labour markets shape the outcomes for migrant workers, and raises questions regarding the ability of the different variations of the Nordic labour market regime to protect workers in an open, unequal and mobile European labour market.

Article published in European Journal of Industrial Relations, vol. 20, March 2014.

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