28. marts 2011

Teachers pet in trouble - A review of Danish policies during crisis

Artikel af Christian Lyhne Ibsen

The article analyses and discusses the current economic crisis in Denmark, its effects and the responses taken by government and social partners. Special attention is made to the Danish labour market and the employment situation before and during the crisis. In order to do so, the article tries to unfold the underlying dynamics of the Danish economic system by presenting some explanations for success during the past 15 years. Two set of interrelated explanations are outlined: institutional competitiveness and flexicurity. This is followed by a review of the specific pressures of the crisis on the Danish economic system in general and the labour market in particular. The article goes on to present the responses of governments, social partners and companies which link into the first section on the dynamics of the Danish economic system. It is argued that responses have been in line with policies up until the crisis but that the crisis, nevertheless, has brought new dynamics at play. Finally, the article concludes on the responses to the crisis and reflects on the sustainability of the current policies for the Danish employment situation.

Engelsk version af artiklen Danemark, le chouchou du prof en difficulté? publiceret i Nordiques 2010, No 23, 9-26

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